Who I Am

Let me start off by saying I am in no way an expert on anything, so most of what you will find will typically be my thoughts on given ideas or subjects in hopes that maybe someone can relate and find comfort or hope, or perhaps have questions about the God and Christ I speak of and allow me the opportunity to share my faith.  That being said, I am just a guy who Christ has poured grace upon, not because I have done anything amazing, or was able to live some beautiful life, but because He chose to show mercy to me, and for that I am grateful beyond words!  I am a guy born and raised in the Dallas metroplex who is passionate about worship and missions, and to steal from John Piper, “missions exist because worship doesnt”, and since I agree, I feel the two go hand in hand. I am also extremely passionate about music of all kinds, shapes, colors, sounds, smells, and coffee and Texas Longhorn football!!! That for the most part is who I am. I mess up constantly, but strive and aim for righteousness through the blood of Christ and His amazing grace.

All that being said, I hope that this blog will at least be something you can read when bored at work, or school, or maybe on some cheesy movie that your significant other dragged you to.  Under the worship page from time to time, I may post songs I am listening to or songs I am writing, and I will try and post thoughts of worship or scripture from time to time.  So, yeah, there you have it…you can stop reading this part now…no, seriously, thats all there is…why are you still reading? come on, go read something else…fine, if you wont quit, i will…


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