What are you singing?

11 03 2010

So today i “tweeted”, (I just said tweeted) “‘how He loves’ great song! But, “we are His portion”? Or is He our portion? Thoughts?…Psalm 73…” and got some great responses!! In tweeting this my plan was not to bring down the song or the song writers, but to hopefully begin good discussion on what we as a church (big C) are singing. What I mean by that is, I feel like much of the time we sing the words and have no clue what we are saying, or why we are saying them. That is a very dangerous thought to me! I feel if we dont know what we’re singing, then chances are we are singing out of pure emotion, because we like the melody or maybe we just enjoy singing. We know from scripture that God desires sincerity of heart in our worship (Isaiah 1:10-20, 29:13; Micah 6:6-8; John 4:23) and not just merely our actions. So the question I ask, is how can we be sincere of heart in our singing, if we are not even aware of what we are singing. I think this happens all the time, not just in church, we tend to think songs are really “pretty” or “romantic” when a deeper look at the lyrics shows a deep sadness from the writer. But I feel it is of great importance to know what we are singing, when we sing as the body! I dont think this means constantly worrying about the songs while we’re singing, but rather being so passionate about the scriptures that when we sing we recognize God’s word in the art and poetry we sing…I hope this makes sense…




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