Beauty in the Moment

15 09 2009
I think we can all agree that paintings are beautiful to look at when they are completed and final.  That is, of course, unless you hate paintings and art, but lets assume you dont.  I imagine though, that if we were to look at the painting while it were being painted we might find it somewhat less appealing, since all we would be able to see is a portion of the whole.  Only the painter himself (or herself) would be able to see the whole work, for they would see the pieces that had yet to be painted in their mind, it is their painting after all.  We might perhaps ask the painter to either hurry up and finish the painting or ask him to reveal to us what the final portrait would be, out of anxiousness and impatience.  This would happen from our lack of ability to see that which the artist can already see, which is the beauty that exists in each detailed stroke, or the love he pours into every instance the brush comes into contact with the canvas.  For you see, it is the painters’ work, and not ours, it is not the paintings’, it belongs to him and him alone (or her).  If you havent picked up on it yet, I find our lives with God quite similar.  Many times we are in such a hurry to get through the trials in our lives, and we know that God has a reason, and that He sees the end result before us, but we forget that there is much beauty to be found in those moments when He is painting the portrait.  I think if we found beauty in the moments when we just wish life would hurry up, we would find joy in our walks, and peace that we dont have to know the final product, but simply know that God is pouring out His love and mercy with each amazing, artistic stroke of the brush.



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